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February 2, 2024

Certificate in Applied Artificial Intelligence

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What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding of AI concepts, and application of AI for business model transformation

Course Content

Developments and Latest Trends in AI Technology
This course provides a comprehensive overview of the most recent advancements and emerging trends in Artificial Intelligence technology. Participants will gain a solid understanding of cutting-edge AI concepts, explore their practical applications, and discuss the potential impact of AI on various sectors and society as a whole.

AI and Big Data
This course delves into the dynamic duo of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to navigate this powerful combination.

Digital Transformation and Platform Business
This course dives into the dynamic interplay between digital transformation and platform business models, empowering you to understand and harness their combined power for success in the digital age.

Applications of AI in Business Model Transformation
This course explores the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing business models across various industries. Prepare to gain insights into the cutting-edge applications of AI and develop your critical thinking skills to evaluate its impact on the future of business

AI Services in Public Administration
This course delves into the growing field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications within the public sector. Gain insights into how AI services can transform government operations, improve public service delivery, and enhance citizen engagement

About the instructor

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Durations: 20 hours
Lectures: 0
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Level: Intermediate
Language: English
Certificate: Yes

Material Includes

  • Powerpoint Slides


  • IT professionals, Data Scientists, Product Managers, Business Development professionals, Leaders and Executives
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